Welcome to Naava Partners Oy – A New Dawn in Sustainability Consulting

We are thrilled to introduce Naava Partners Oy’s very first blog post on our newly launched website. As your partner in technical, environmental, and sustainability consulting and engineering, we are here to navigate the complex landscapes of sustainability challenges and opportunities with you.

Our Mission

At Naava Partners Oy, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and tailor-made consulting services that meet the unique needs of businesses both in Finland and internationally. Our team comprises highly experienced professionals committed to delivering excellence and innovative solutions across technical, environmental, and sustainability themes.

Our Services

We offer a unique, integrated consultancy that spans a wide range of services designed to empower your business in the sustainability domain:

  • Energy Consulting: We help you monitor and save energy, developing strategies that not only reduce costs but also carbon footprints.
  • Sustainability Consulting: From BREEAM In Use to carbon footprint and LCA calculations, we guide you through the process of becoming more sustainable.
  • Technical Consulting: Specializing in due diligence for property transactions, M&A, compliance audits, and risk assessments, we ensure that your technical operations are efficient and compliant.
  • Environmental Consulting: Our expertise includes flood risk assessment, BAT and permitting, contaminated soil management, and integrating circular economy principles.

Why Choose Us?

Our Managing Director, Pekka Määttänen, and the team at Naava Partners Oy are driven by a passion for making a difference in the world through our work. We understand the importance of adapting to the changing environmental landscape and are here to ensure that your business does not just survive but thrives in these challenging times.